Young Materials Researchers

The Materials Research Department (MRD) supports young materials researchers (YMRs) at Ruhr-Universität Bochum by offering a platform for scientific exchange and by organizing networking events. The YMR network is open to all interested master students, PhD candidates and recent postdocs from all chairs and groups represented in the Materials Research Department.

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YMR Organization Team

Four representatives from core research fields were chosen to coordinate the YMR activities in collaboration with the MRD science management:

  • Sabrina Baha (Thin films, Micro and Nano systems)
  • Louis Becker (Microstructure and mechanical properties)
  • Isabel Pietka (Thermodynamic and kinetics of materials)
  • Jan-Lucas Wree (Interface dominated materials properties and processes)

YMR representatives in MRD Board

Additionally to the team of research field representatives, two YMR members are represented in the MRD Board. These representatives from the group of YMR PhD candidates can, but do not have to, be part of the YMR team:

  • Kevinjeorjios Pellumbi (Chemistry)
  • Isabel Pietka (Physics/ICAMS)

Element chat rooms

As the coronavirus pandemic calls for creative solutions to continue interactions, three chat rooms were created via RUB’s Element-Chat, which are permanently open for all YMR members at RUB. Feel free to join the YMR community.

The chat rooms within the community can be used for general discussions, exchange of ideas or just to stay informed and meet up with colleagues. RUB’s IT.Services provides a manual for installation of the Element tool.

YMR Graduate Student Mailinglist

You are a young materials scientist at RUB and would like to profit from MRD’s activities? Sign up for our mailinglist to stay up-to-date on everything YMR.

Upcoming Events:

Looking forward to welcome you at our 6th Young Materials Reserachers Day in 2023!


YMR Days: Throwback

YMR Day 2022

On October 28th, 2022 we celebrated our 5th Young Materials Researchers Day! About 60 PhD students and postdocs of the Materials Research Departments joined together to exchange about their research. Thanks to all the young researchers who enthusiastically presented their research.

Congratulations to the winners for the best oral presentation Minaam Qamar and the best poster Samantha Muhring-Salamone!


YMR Day 2021

The 4th YMR Day took place on December 6th, 2021. 48 participants gathered to network and exchange views on their respective research topics with colleagues from difference sub-disciplines of materials science. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the eleven talks and discussions took place in a spacious lecture hall. After the lunch break, the participants met via for the poster session and enjoyed the different ways of communicating with each other that were possible on this day.

Presenting a talk or poster at YMR Day 2021 can be accredited with 2 CP to your Research School certificate. Please write an e-mail to in case you participated and would like to recieve a letter of participation.


YMR Day 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 3rd YMR Day took place digitally on November 30, 2020. Participants shared their posters via Moodle for the other attendees to review. Via Zoom, eleven YMRs gave talks on their current research activities. The participants were offered insights into the research of their neigbouring disciplines and had the opportunity to discuss science and creer building among themselves.

YMR Day 2019

The second Young Materials Researchers Day took place on December 2nd, 2019. Young Materials Researchers from the MRD met and shared their current research, improved their network and discussed new scientific approaches. The YMRs gave a total of eleven talks and 22 posters were discussed during the poster session. The event was organised and executed by the young researchers themselves. The 2019 YMR Day was not a closed meeting among the early career scientists, as the more advanced members of the MRD had the opportunity to take part not only in the poster session, but also in the lectures and to follow the discussions of the YMRs.

YMR Day 2018

The last decade has shown that the various areas of materials research at Ruhr-Universität Bochum can mutually benefit from each other when interdisciplinary exchange takes place. Therefore, the MRD annually organizes the Materials Day, where materials scientists from RUB present their research to each other in talks and posters.

In 2018 a second annual Materials Day, tailored especially to the needs of younger sicentists, was established. On December 3rd, the first YMR Day took place at ZTS (Zentrum für IT-Sicherheit). After Prof. Ralf Drautz, Vice Speaker of the MRD, opened the event with some warm words of welcome, the 70 young materials researchers, phD candidates and master students from the 12 faculties involved in the Materials Research Department, were among themselves.

Young Materials Researchers from various disciplines meeting for the first YMR Day in 2018.

The young scientists presented their current research to the group in 12 short talks and deepened their insights into the research of their neigbouring disciplines in a productive postersession. In a subsequent workshop, the participants had the opportunity to discuss how the MRD could further support the young materials scientists at RUB. This assessment of needs proved highly valuable for planning further activities for the YMRs within the Materials Research Department as it now shapes the MRD’s program for young materials scientists in 2019 and the further years.