The mechanochemical synthesis of polymers

Krusenbaum, A. and Grätz, S. and Tigineh, G.T. and Borchardt, L. and Kim, J.G.

Volume: 51 Pages: 2873-2905
DOI: 10.1039/d1cs01093j
Published: 2022

Mechanochemistry - the utilization of mechanical forces to induce chemical reactions - is a rarely considered tool for polymer synthesis. It offers numerous advantages such as reduced solvent consumption, accessibility of novel structures, and the avoidance of problems posed by low monomer solubility and fast precipitation. Consequently, the development of new high-performance materials based on mechanochemically synthesised polymers has drawn much interest, particularly from the perspective of green chemistry. This review covers the constructive mechanochemical synthesis of polymers, starting from early examples and progressing to the current state of the art while emphasising linear and porous polymers as well as post-polymerisation modifications. © 2022 The Royal Society of Chemistry

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