The effect of deviations from precise [001] tensile direction on creep of Ni-base single crystal superalloys

Heep, L. and Bürger, D. and Bonnekoh, C. and Wollgramm, P. and Dlouhy, A. and Eggeler, G.

Volume: 207 Pages:
DOI: 10.1016/j.scriptamat.2021.114274
Published: 2022

Low temperature (1023 K) high stress (800 MPa) tensile creep behavior of the superalloy single crystal ERBO-1 (CMSX-4 type) is investigated. Three loading directions are compared: precise [001] and 15 ° deviations from [001] towards [111] and [011]. It is found that creep rates ε˙ scale as ε˙[001]→[111]>ε˙[001]>ε˙[001]→[011]already in the early stages of creep (ε≤1%), where dislocation network formation and planar fault intersections cannot rationalize the observed rate effects. An analysis based on Peach-Köhler force calculations suggests, that fast creep rates are observed, when dislocations from two octahedral systems, which are required to react and form the leading part of a planar fault ribbon in the γ’-phase, experience similar driving forces. Creep data, micromechanical calculations and TEM results are in good qualitative agreement. From a technological point of view, the results show that while 15 ° deviations from [001] towards [011] can be tolerated, deviations towards [111] must be avoided. © 2021

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