State of the art energy conversion at the nanointerface: general discussion

Albrecht, T. and Bohn, P. and Buckingham, M.A. and Cao, X.E. and Chen, D. and Chen, Q. and Corva, M. and Edwards, M.A. and Kamali, A.R. and Kanoufi, F. and Krause, S. and Linfield, S. and Liu, X. and Ma, H. and Mao, B.-W. and Pandey, P. and Tschulik, K. and Vakamulla Raghu, S.N. and Walcarius, A. and Xiao, L. and Ying, Y.-L.

Volume: 233 Pages: 112-121
DOI: 10.1039/d2fd90002e
Published: 2022


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