Prediction of vibration caused by dynamic compactors considering soil-dependent force emission [Erschütterungsprognose für dynamische verdichtungsgeräte unter berücksichtigung der bodenabhängigen kraftemission]

Berg-Jahnke, R. and Meschke, G. and Heiland, D.

Volume: 96 Pages: 143-155
DOI: 10.37544/0005-6650-2021-05-27
Published: 2021

Until now, vibration immissions caused by dynamically excited compactors are usually predicted using empirical formulas, whose uncertainties come from lack of knowledge about the influences of machine parameters and soil properties. A novel predictive method is presented, which is based on the individual force emission of the machine depending on the machine-soil interaction and the measured transfer mobility. The transfer mobility, which is examined by artificial vibration excitation with an impulse generator, is the transfer function between force excitation and received vibration velocity. Emitted spectral forces, which can be used for prognosis, are previously determined by extensive measurements. The developed method provides vibration values in the frequency and time domain taking into account statistical variations of influencing parameters. The comparison of predicted and measured values shows an enhanced accuracy of the new method. © 2021, VDI Fachmedien GmBbH & Co.. All rights reserved.

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