Materials breaking the rules: General discussion

Addicoat, M. and Bennett, T.D. and Brammer, L. and Craig, G. and Das, C. and Dichtel, W. and Doan, H. and Evans, A.M. and Evans, J. and Goodwin, A. and Horike, S. and Jiang, J. and Kaskel, S. and Kato, M. and Kitagawa, S. and Kobayashi, A. and Krause, S. and Lavenn, C. and Lee, J.-S.M. and Phillips, A.E. and Roseveare, T.M. and Schmid, R. and Shivanna, M. and Sirbu, D. and Tashiro, S. and Ting, V.P. and Van Der Veen, M.A. and Wilson, B. and Zhao, P.

Volume: 225 Pages: 255-270
DOI: 10.1039/D0FD90033H
Published: 2021


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