Light-driven in vitro catalysis with photosynthetic biohybrids [Lichtgetriebene in vitro-Katalyse mit photosynthetischen Biohybriden]

Frank, A. and Conzuelo, F. and Schuhmann, W. and Nowaczyk, M.M.

Volume: 28 Pages: 546-548
DOI: 10.1007/s12268-022-1808-4
Published: 2022

The use of photosynthetic biohybrids to drive redox reactions in vitro is a promising strategy due to the natural abundance and high quantum efficiency of the bio-components. Here, we present different tools for the fabrication of photosystem I-based biohybrid devices by using redox-active polymers, 3D-structured electrodes as well as additional light-harvesting antennae modules. © 2022, Die Autorinnen und Autoren.

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