Integration of Hot Isostatic Pressing and Heat Treatment for Advanced Modified γ-TiAl TNM Alloys

Bernal, D. and Chamorro, X. and Hurtado, I. and Lopez-Galilea, I. and Bürger, D. and Weber, S. and Madariaga, I.

Volume: 15 Pages:
DOI: 10.3390/ma15124211
Published: 2022

The conventional processing route of TNM (Ti-Nb-Mo) alloys combines casting and Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) followed by forging and multiple heat treatments to establish optimum properties. This is a time-consuming and costly process. In this study we present an advanced alternative TNM alloy processing route combining HIP and heat treatments into a single process, which we refer to as IHT (integrated HIP heat treatment), applied to a modified TNM alloy with 1.5B. A Quintus HIP lab unit with a quenching module was used, achieving fast and controlled cooling, which differs from the slow cooling rates of conventional HIP units. A Ti-42.5Al-3.5Nb-1Mo-1.5B (at.%) was subjected to an integrated two HIP steps at 200 MPa, one at 1250◦ C for 3 h and another at 1260◦ C for 1 h, both under a protective Ar atmosphere and followed by cooling at 30 K/min down to room temperature. The results were compared against the Ti-43.5Al-3.5Nb-1Mo-0.8B (at.%) thermomechanically processed in a conventional way. Applying IHT processing to the 1.5B alloy does indeed achieve good creep strength, and the secondary creep rate of the IHT processed materials is similar to that of conventionally forged TNM alloys. Thus, the proposed advanced IHT processing route could manufacture more cost-effective TiAl components. © 2022 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.

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