Improved tribocorrosion resistance of the martensitic steel X54CrMoVN17-1 due to expanded martensite [Verbesserte Tribokorrosions-beständigkeit des martensitischen Stahls X54CrMoVN17-1 durch die Erzeugung von expanded martensite]

Hahn, I. and Siebert, S. and Theisen, W. and Weber, S.

Volume: 68 Pages: 5-12
DOI: 10.24053/TuS-2021-0026
Published: 2021

Seal-free, media-lubricated rolling bearings have a high-energy efficiency as the absence of the seal minimizes frictional loss and increases the efficiency of the driven machine. In addition, the environment is protected by the absence of hazardous lubricants. However, media-lubrication increases tribocorrosive attack on the bearing surface. Therefore, the tribocorrosion resistance of the bearing surface can be increased by a thermal surface treatment called low-tempe- rature plasma nitriding. The produced "expanded martensite" in martensitic steels features a high hardness with comparatively good corrosion resistance. Tribocorrosion tests in 0.9% NaCl-solution show that the material loss could be reduced by 70% due to expanded martensite compared to the initial state of the steel. © 2021 Expert Verlag. All rights reserved.

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