Impact of Water Coadsorption on the Electrode Potential of H-Pt(1 1 1)-Liquid Water Interfaces

Surendralal, S. and Todorova, M. and Neugebauer, J.

Volume: 126 Pages:
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.126.166802
Published: 2021

Density functional theory molecular dynamics simulations of H-covered Pt(111)-H2O interfaces reveal that, in contrast to common understanding, H2O coadsorption has a significant impact on the electrode potential of and plays a major role in determining the stability of H adsorbates under electrochemical conditions. Based on these insights, we explain the origin behind the experimentally observed upper limit of H coverage well below one monolayer and derive a chemically intuitive model for metal-water bonding that explains an unexpectedly large interaction between coadsorbed water and adsorbates. © 2021 authors.

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