Hybrid additive manufacturing of metal laminated forming tools

Dardaei Joghan, H. and Hahn, M. and Sehrt, J.T. and Tekkaya, A.E., (1)

Volume: 71 Pages: 225-228
DOI: 10.1016/j.cirp.2022.03.018
Published: 2022

Deep drawing dies are manufactured using metal sheets. Laser metal deposition is used for bonding the sheets and smoothening the edges. The strength and surface finish of the dies are the key challenges. Milling, roller burnishing, and laser treatment are applied as post-processing for improving the surface finish. A semi-analytical model is developed for selecting the sheet combination for sufficient strength. The new rapid prototyping process offers high flexibility for complex die geometries. The evaluation by deep drawing experiments using DC06 and high-strength HC380LA blanks revealed the feasibility of the new manufacturing routes regarding deep drawability and surface finish. © 2022 CIRP

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