Generation of a Single-Cycle Acoustic Pulse: A Scalable Solution for Transport in Single-Electron Circuits

Wang, J. and Ota, S. and Edlbauer, H. and Jadot, B. and Mortemousque, P.-A. and Richard, A. and Okazaki, Y. and Nakamura, S. and Ludwig, Ar. and Wieck, A.D. and Urdampilleta, M. and Meunier, T. and Kodera, T. and Kaneko, N.-H. and Takada, S. and Bäuerle, C.

Volume: 12 Pages:
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevX.12.031035
Published: 2022

The synthesis of single-cycle pulses of compressed light and microwave signals sparked novel areas of fundamental research. In the field of acoustics, however, such a generation has not been introduced yet. For numerous applications, the large spatial extent of surface acoustic waves (SAW) causes unwanted perturbations and limits the accuracy of physical manipulations. Particularly, this restriction applies to SAW-driven quantum experiments with single flying electrons, where extra modulation renders the exact position of the transported electron ambiguous and leads to undesired spin mixing. Here, we address this challenge by demonstrating single-shot chirp synthesis of a strongly compressed acoustic pulse. Employing this solitary SAW pulse to transport a single electron between distant quantum dots with an efficiency exceeding 99%, we show that chirp synthesis is competitive with regular transduction approaches. Performing a time-resolved investigation of the SAW-driven sending process, we outline the potential of the chirped SAW pulse to synchronize single-electron transport from many quantum-dot sources. By superimposing multiple pulses, we further point out the capability of chirp synthesis to generate arbitrary acoustic waveforms tailorable to a variety of (opto)nanomechanical applications. Our results shift the paradigm of compressed pulses to the field of acoustic phonons and pave the way for a SAW-driven platform of single-electron transport that is precise, synchronized, and scalable. © 2022 authors. Published by the American Physical Society.

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