Gate voltage dependence of noise distribution in radio-frequency reflectometry in gallium arsenide quantum dots

Shinozaki, M. and Muto, Y. and Kitada, T. and Nakajima, T. and Delbecq, M.R. and Yoneda, J. and Takeda, K. and Noiri, A. and Ito, T. and Ludwig, Ar. and Wieck, A.D. and Tarucha, S. and Otsuka, T.

Volume: 14 Pages:
DOI: 10.35848/1882-0786/abe41f
Published: 2021

We investigate gate voltage dependence of electrical readout noise in high-speed rf reflectometry using gallium arsenide quantum dots. The fast Fourier transform spectrum from the real time measurement reflects build-in device noise and circuit noise including the resonator and the amplifier. We separate their noise spectral components by model analysis. Detail of gate voltage dependence of the flicker noise is investigated and compared to the charge sensor sensitivity. We point out that the dominant component of the readout noise changes by the measurement integration time. © 2021 The Japan Society of Applied Physics

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