Electron capture and emission dynamics of self-assembled quantum dots far from equilibrium with the environment

Schnorr, L. and Labes, J. and Kürten, L. and Heinzel, T. and Rothfuchs-Engels, C. and Scholz, S. and Ludwig, A. and Wieck, A.D.

Volume: 104 Pages:
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.104.035303
Published: 2021

The electron transfer dynamics between self-assembled quantum dots and their environment are measured under nonequilibrium conditions by time-dependent capacitance spectroscopy. The quantum dots are embedded in a wide spacer, which inhibits elastic tunneling to or from the reservoirs. At certain bias voltages, electron capture and emission are both significant. A rate equation model is used to determine the corresponding transfer rates and the average occupation numbers of the dots as a function of the bias voltage. ©2021 American Physical Society

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