Electrochemical dealloying in a magnetic field – Tapping the potential for catalyst and material design

Rurainsky, C. and Nettler, D.-R. and Pahl, T. and Just, A. and Cignoni, P. and Kanokkanchana, K. and Tschulik, K.

Volume: 426 Pages:
DOI: 10.1016/j.electacta.2022.140807
Published: 2022

Nanocatalyst optimisation through electrochemical dealloying has been employed as a successful strategy to increase catalytic activity, while reducing the need for precious metals. We present here a new pathway to influence the electrochemical dealloying, through external homogeneous magnetic fields. A homogeneous magnetic field with a flux density of 450 mT in two orientations, parallel or perpendicular to the current direction, was used during electrochemical dealloying using cyclic voltammetry of AgAu nanoparticles. We found increased porosity for low dealloying cycle numbers and improved catalytic properties after longer cycling, compared to nanoparticles dealloyed in the absence of magnetic fields. These findings demonstrate that magnetic fields applied during electrochemical dealloying have currently untapped potential that can be used to influence material properties in a new way and give researchers another powerful tool for material design. © 2022

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