Electrochemical data mining: from information to knowledge: general discussion

Albrecht, T. and Cao, X.E. and Chen, D. and Corva, M. and Edwards, M.A. and Ewing, A. and Fornasaro, S. and Gooding, J.J. and Gundry, L. and Hirano-Iwata, A. and Jeffcoat, G. and Kamali, A.R. and Kanoufi, F. and Lemay, S.G. and Limani, N. and Linfield, S. and Liu, X. and Lu, S.-M. and Meloni, G.N. and Tian, Z. and Tschulik, K. and Vakamulla Raghu, S.N. and Wei, H. and Ying, Y.-L.

Volume: 233 Pages: 58-76
DOI: 10.1039/d2fd90001g
Published: 2022


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