DRIE Si Nanowire Arrays Supported Nano-Carbon Film for Deriving High Specific Energy Supercapacitors On-Chip

Lu, P. and Chen, X. and Ohlckers, P. and Halvorsen, E. and Hoffmann, M. and Müller, L.

Volume: 1837 Pages:
DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/1837/1/012005
Published: 2021

Supercapacitor is a promising solution to storage of pulsed energy generated by MEMS energy harvesting systems, relying on its faster charging/discharging capability than secondary battery. To improve the energy density of on-chip supercapacitor which shows potential for integration with MEMS devices, in this paper we first present a successful electrode design for high specific energy pseudo-supercapacitors on the basis of deep reactive ion etched Si nanowire array supported nano-carbon matrix. Widely used pseudo-capacitive manganese oxide active material is facilely deposited into the conductive nano-carbon matrix by a chemical bath deposition. The derived electrode exhibits a remarkable capacitance increase (around 4.5x enhancement) compared with the nano-carbon matrix benefiting from the contribution of pseudo-capacitive manganese oxide. Assembled sandwich prototype on-chip supercapacitors with a symmetric configuration offer a high specific capacitance of 741.6 mF cm-2 when discharged at 1 mA cm-2, and the energy density can attain as high as 51.5 ?Wh cm-2. The achieved high specific energy makes such on-chip supercapacitors attractive in the field of energy collection when cooperated with micro-or nano-energy generators. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

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