Decelerated aging in metallic glasses by low temperature thermal cycling

Bruns, M. and Hassani, M. and Varnik, F. and Hassanpour, A. and Divinski, S. and Wilde, G.

Volume: 3 Pages:
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevResearch.3.013234
Published: 2021

Differential scanning calorimetry measurements on different bulk metallic glasses show no measurable rejuvenation upon deeply cooled (cryogenic) thermal cycling. This applies both to as-quenched and well-annealed samples. Extensive molecular dynamics simulations of a generic model glass former corroborate these observations. We disentangle the effects of aging from those of thermal treatment and show that aging is slowed down but not stopped - neither reversed - during thermal cycling. These observations are corroborated further by a survey of energy distribution, which continues narrowing, albeit with a smaller rate. © 2021 authors.

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