Coulomb blockade: Toward charge control of self-assembled GaN quantum dots at room temperature

Sgroi, C.A. and Brault, J. and Duboz, J.-Y. and Chenot, S. and Vennéguès, P. and Ludwig, Ar. and Wieck, A.D.

Volume: 120 Pages:
DOI: 10.1063/5.0073864
Published: 2022

We present capacitance-voltage [C(V)] measurements of self-assembled wurtzite-GaN quantum dots (QDs). The QDs are embedded in a charge-tunable diode structure and were grown by molecular beam epitaxy in the Stranski-Krastanov growth method. The internal electric fields present in GaN and its alloys together with its wide bandgap make this material system an ideal candidate for high-temperature quantum applications. Charges and the internal electric fields influence the energy spacing in the QDs. We correlate photoluminescence measurements with C(V) measurements and show single-electron charging of the QDs and a Coulomb blockade energy of around 60 meV at room temperature. This finding demonstrates the possibility of quantum applications at room temperature. © 2022 Author(s).

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