Advanced characterisation techniques: Multi-scale,: In situ, and time-resolved: General discussion

Brammer, L. and Burrows, A.D. and Chong, S.Y.-L. and Craig, G. and Evans, J. and Farha, O. and Farrusseng, D. and Fischer, M. and Goodwin, A. and Huang, Z. and Johnson, B. and Kaskel, S. and Kitagawa, S. and Lavenn, C. and Lee, A.Y. and Lee, J.-S.M. and Matsuda, R. and Phillips, A.E. and Rainer, D.N. and Ryder, M.R. and Schmid, R. and Shivanna, M. and Sumby, C. and Taddei, M. and Terry, L. and Ting, V.P. and Van Der Veen, M.A. and West, N.G.

Volume: 225 Pages: 152-167
DOI: 10.1039/D0FD90032J
Published: 2021


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