Effects of Mo on the mechanical behavior of γ/γʹ-strengthened Co-Ti-based alloys

Im, H.J. and Lee, S. and Choi, W.S. and Makineni, S.K. and Raabe, D. and Ko, W.-S. and Choi, P.-P.

Volume: 197 Pages: 69-80
DOI: 10.1016/j.actamat.2020.07.037
Published: 2020

We investigated the flow behavior of γ/γʹ-strengthened Co-12Ti and Co-12Ti-4Mo (at.%) alloys at room and elevated temperatures (up to 900°C) by electron microscopy and density functional theory. The Mo-added alloy exhibited an enhanced compressive yield strength and strain hardening behavior as compared to the reference binary alloy. This behavior could be attributed to a ~25% larger γʹ volume fraction and ~7% higher planar fault energies in Co-12Ti-4Mo. Using electron channeling contrast imaging, we observed interrupted slip bands in the Co-12Ti-4Mo alloy deformed to a strain of 6%, which led to enhanced strain hardening, in contrast to extended slip bands along {111} planes in the Co-12Ti alloy. Interrupted slip band formation in Co-12Ti-4Mo could be explained by rapid exhaustion of dislocation sources and a higher energy barrier required to cut the γʹ precipitates. These effects are due to a reduced γ channel width and substantial hardening effect of γʹ-Co3(Ti,Mo) in the ternary alloy as well as due to the large shear modulus difference between γʹ and γ. © 2020

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