Development of a Method for Non-Invasive Measurement of Absolute Pressure in Partially Transparent Containers with Carbonated Beverages [Entwicklung einer Methode zur nichtinvasiven Messung des Absolutdrucks in teiltransparenten Gebinden mit karbonisierten Getränken]

Grafen, M. and Falkenstein, M. and Ostendorf, A. and Esen, C.

Volume: 92 Pages: 1830-1839
DOI: 10.1002/cite.202000198
Published: 2020

A non-invasive optical measurement technique for food analysis is presented, which allows for a reliable determination of the absolute pressure in beverage bottles with carbonated contents. The method uses a tunable laser diode with an emission wavelength around 2004 nm to record three to four absorption lines of CO2 and evaluates the pressure broadening of the lines proportional to the absolute pressure. With the developed measuring method, a standard deviation of repeated absolute pressure measurements of up to 5.5 bar of less than 50 mbar could finally be achieved in field measurements on sealed soft drink bottles made of PET. © 2020, Wiley-VCH Verlag. All rights reserved.

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