Deformation behavior of concretes with high plastic compressibility [Verformungsverhalten von Betonen mit ausgeprägtem plastischen Stauchvermögen]

Plückelmann, S. and Breitenbücher, R.

Volume: 115 Pages: 994-1005
DOI: 10.1002/best.202000033
Published: 2020

Deformation behavior of concretes with high plastic compressibility. For special applications, for example compressible layers in tunnel constructions, there are already initial approaches for mortars and concretes, which are characterized by a high plastic compressibility. This paper describes experiments on the compressive behavior of highly porous concretes with low compressive strength (< 5 N/mm2) under transverse strain constraint. Concretes with different compressible additives (expanded glass / EPS) and various water-cement ratios were considered in the tests. Furthermore, the deformation behavior under both partial- and full-area loading was investigated in order to cover different application-related boundary conditions. On the basis of the determined stress-deformation curves as well as investigations on the structure of specimens before and after the compression tests essential findings on the compressive behavior of the concretes could be gained and material- and test-related parameters could be identified. © 2020, Ernst und Sohn. All rights reserved.

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