An approach to use sub-surface characteristics for the prediction of process forces during cutting operations

Bergmann, J.A. and Kimm, J. and Theisen, W. and Wiederkehr, P.

Volume: 88 Pages: 276-281
DOI: 10.1016/j.procir.2020.05.048
Published: 2020

During machining operations, complex engagement situations between the tool and workpiece lead to varying amplitudes and directions of cutting forces. Correlations between material properties, process parameters and resulting forces have to be analyzed to ensure the predictability of machining processes. To model the material removal, a detailed analysis of the material behavior during the engagement is needed. In this work, a geometric physically-based simulation system is extended to take the material behavior into account for improving the prediction accuracy of process forces. A detailed analysis of the low-alloyed steel 42CrMo4 and validation experiments are presented. © 2020 The Authors.

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