A comprehensive approach for the characterization of porous polymers using 13C and 15N dynamic nuclear polarization NMR spectroscopy

Grätz, S. and De Olivera Junior, M. and Gutmann, T. and Borchardt, L.

Volume: 22 Pages: 23307-23314
DOI: 10.1039/d0cp04010j
Published: 2020

Most porous polymers are notoriously hard to characterize due to their amorphous and completely insoluble nature. On the other hand, they are an interesting class of materials for sorption, catalytic, and electrode applications, thus they warrant in-depth studies. In this contribution, we elaborate on the possibilities that dynamic nuclear polarization offers towards the investigation of the structure of porous polymers. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this technique in the investigation of model polymers. This journal is © the Owner Societies.

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