A carbene stabilized precursor for the spatial atomic layer deposition of copper thin films

Boysen, N. and Misimi, B. and Muriqi, A. and Wree, J.-L. and Hasselmann, T. and Rogalla, D. and Haeger, T. and Theirich, D. and Nolan, M. and Riedl, T. and Devi, A.

Volume: 56 Pages: 13752-13755
DOI: 10.1039/d0cc05781a
Published: 2020

This paper demonstrates a carbene stabilized precursor [Cu(tBuNHC)(hmds)] with suitable volatility, reactivity and thermal stability, that enables the spatial plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition (APP-ALD) of copper thin films at atmospheric pressure. The resulting conductive and pure copper layers were thoroughly analysed and a comparison of precursor and process with the previously reported silver analogue [Ag(tBuNHC)(hmds)] revealed interesting similarities and notable differences in precursor chemistry and growth characteristics. This first report of APP-ALD grown copper layers is an important starting point for high throughput, low-cost manufacturing of copper films for nano- and optoelectronic devices. © 2020 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

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