Wavelength locking of Er-doped random fiber laser

Hu, B. and Zhang, W. and Ma, R. and Guo, J. and Ludwig, Ar. and Rao, Y.

Volume: 16 Pages:
DOI: 10.1088/1612-202X/aaff4d
Published: 2019

This paper demonstrates the wavelength locking of a coherent random lasing system, i.e. an Erbium-doped random fiber laser with a disordered array of fiber Bragg gratings. To lock lasing modes of the disordered system, an external seed light from a tunable laser was introduced into the cavity. It was found that different emission wavelengths/modes can be selected to emit separately through injection locking. The wavelength fluctuation of the output is less than 0.01%, and the power fluctuation is less than 4%. The proposed method is also applicable to general disordered systems, providing an efficient way to control or select light emission in these systems. © 2019 Astro Ltd.

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