Top-down fabrication and transformation properties of vanadium dioxide nanostructures

Rastjoo, S. and Wang, X. and Ludwig, Al. and Kohl, M.

Volume: 125 Pages:
DOI: 10.1063/1.5085322
Published: 2019

The fabrication of nanostructures of vanadium dioxide (VO 2)-based films with critical dimensions down to 100 nm and the characterization of their phase transformation properties are presented. Starting materials are VO 2 and V 0.99 Mo 0.01 O 2 films that are deposited by magnetron sputtering. For nanofabrication, two top-down processes are investigated, in which the substrate is nanomachined either before or after film deposition. Electrical resistance measurements on V 0.99 Mo 0.01 O 2 bridge nanostructures exhibit a semiconductor-metal transition similar to reference films. A detailed analysis of phase transition temperatures does not reveal any significant width-dependence as it may be expected when approaching the grain size of 100 nm. The absolute electrical resistance in the semiconducting state scales inversely proportional to the width reflecting homogeneous material characteristics. Yet, the resistance change at the semiconductor-metal transition tends to increase for decreasing width indicating reduced carrier scattering as the absolute number of grain boundaries decreases. © 2019 Author(s).

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