Thermo-mechanical response of FG tungsten/EUROFER multilayer under high thermal loads

Qu, D.D. and Wirtz, M. and Linke, J. and Vaßen, R. and Aktaa, J.

Volume: 519 Pages: 137-144
DOI: 10.1016/j.jnucmat.2019.03.019
Published: 2019

With the aim to evaluate the performance of functionally graded (FG) tungsten/EUROFER multilayer under fusion relevant transient heat loads, this study summarizes the experimental results on type-I edge localized mode (ELM)-like thermal shock exposures of a FG tungsten/EUROFER multilayer. Absorbed power densities of 0.19 and 0.38 GW/m 2 with a pulse duration of 1 ms, and base temperatures of room temperature and 550 °C were chosen. We assessed the effect of variable FG-layers that consisted of three designed thicknesses and two kinds of layer numbers. The conclusion is that the introduction of FG-layers improves the thermal shock resistance. The thermal shock crack thresholds at RT and 550 °C of five multilayers lie between 0.19 and 0.38 GW/m 2 . © 2019

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