Synthetic approaches to artificial photosynthesis: General discussion

Aitchison, C.M. and Andrei, V. and Antón-García, D. and Apfel, U.-P. and Badiani, V. and Beller, M. and Bocarsly, A.B. and Bonnet, S. and Brueggeller, P. and Caputo, C.A. and Cassiola, F. and Clausing, S.T. and Cooper, A.I. and Creissen, C.E. and De La Peña O'Shea, V.A. and Domcke, W. and Durrant, J.R. and Grätzel, M. and Hammarström, L. and Hankin, A. and Hatzell, M.C. and Karadas, F. and König, B. and Kuehnel, M.F. and Lamaison, S. and Lin, C.-Y. and Maneiro, M. and Minteer, S.D. and Paris, A.R. and Pastor, E. and Pornrungroj, C. and Reek, J.N.H. and Reisner, E. and Roy, S. and Sahm, C. and Shankar, R. and Shaw, W.J. and Shylin, S.I. and Smith, W.A. and Sokol, K. and Soo, H.S. and Sprick, R.S. and Viertl, W. and Vogel, A. and Wagner, A. and Wakerley, D. and Wang, Q. and Wielend, D. and Zwijnenburg, M.A.

Volume: 215 Pages: 242-281
DOI: 10.1039/C9FD90024A
Published: 2019


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