Seleno-analogues of pentlandites (Fe4.5Ni4.5S8-: YSey, y = 1-6): Tuning bulk Fe/Ni sulphoselenides for hydrogen evolution

Smialkowski, M. and Siegmund, D. and Pellumbi, K. and Hensgen, L. and Antoni, H. and Muhler, M. and Apfel, U.-P.

Volume: 55 Pages: 8792-8795
DOI: 10.1039/c9cc01842e
Published: 2019

We herein present a series of hitherto unprecedented seleno-pentlandites (Fe4.5Ni4.5S8-YSeY). By analysing the influence of S/Se exchange on the catalyst structure and activity in the electrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction we herein showcase the potential and limitations of homologous S/Se exchanges within pentlandite HER catalysts. © 2019 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

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