Quantification Challenges for Atom Probe Tomography of Hydrogen and Deuterium in Zircaloy-4

Mouton, I. and Breen, A.J. and Wang, S. and Chang, Y. and Szczepaniak, A. and Kontis, P. and Stephenson, L.T. and Raabe, D. and Herbig, M. and Britton, T.B. and Gault, B.

Volume: 25 Pages: 481-488
DOI: 10.1017/S143192761801615X
Published: 2019

Analysis and understanding of the role of hydrogen in metals is a significant challenge for the future of materials science, and this is a clear objective of recent work in the atom probe tomography (APT) community. Isotopic marking by deuteration has often been proposed as the preferred route to enable quantification of hydrogen by APT. Zircaloy-4 was charged electrochemically with hydrogen and deuterium under the same conditions to form large hydrides and deuterides. Our results from a Zr hydride and a Zr deuteride highlight the challenges associated with accurate quantification of hydrogen and deuterium, in particular associated with the overlap of peaks at a low mass-to-charge ratio and of hydrogen/deuterium containing molecular ions. We discuss possible ways to ensure that appropriate information is extracted from APT analysis of hydrogen in zirconium alloy systems that are important for nuclear power applications. Copyright © Microscopy Society of America 2019.

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