Nonlinear observer-based recurrent wavelet neuro-controller in disturbance rejection control of flexible structures

Oveisi, A. and Jeronimo, M.B. and Nestorović, T.

Volume: 69 Pages: 50-64
DOI: 10.1016/j.engappai.2017.12.009
Published: 2018

In this paper, a model-based output feedback recurrent wavelet neural network (RWNN) controller is proposed for a class of nonlinear MIMO systems with time-varying matched/mismatched uncertainties. The proposed RWNN emulator adaptively trains to follow an ideal state-feedback controller which is designed on the underlying linear model (ULM) of the plant. Simultaneously, the control system employs an adaptive neural network (NN) mechanism to estimate the mismatch between the RWNN controller and this ideal control law. As a result, the conservatism associated with the classical robust control methods where the controller is synthesized based on worst-case bounds is addressed. Moreover, in order to generalize the subjected class of the investigatable plants, the echo-state feature of adaptive RWNN is used to contribute to the performance of nonminimum phase systems. Accordingly, in the context of flexible smart structures with non-collocated sensor/actuator configuration, a delayed feedback is added in the network which brings about a better match between the model output and the measured output. As a result, even for systems with an unknown Lipschitz constant of lumped uncertainty, the controller can be trained online to compensate with an additional revision of the control law following some Lyapunov-based adaptive stabilizing rules. Additionally, the current approach is proposed as an alternative to the hot topic of nonlinear system identification-based control synthesis where the exact structure of the nonlinearity is required. © 2017 Elsevier Ltd

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