Near Infrared Diode Laser THz Systems

Brenner, C. and Hu, Y. and Gwaro, J. and Surkamp, N. and Döpke, B. and Hofmann, M.R. and Kani, B. and Stöhr, A. and Sumpf, B. and Klehr, A. and Fricke, J.

Volume: 16 Pages: 167-175
DOI: 10.5194/ars-16-167-2018
Published: 2018

The generation and detection of radiation in the THz frequency range can be achieved with many different electronic and photonic concepts. Among the many different photonic THz systems the most versatile are based on diode lasers. In this paper we describe and review the different concepts and optimization ideas for diode laser based THz systems in order to achieve the best performance for different types of THz setups. © Author(s) 2018.

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