Mode-locked diode laser-based two-photon polymerisation

Surkamp, N. and Zyla, G. and Gurevich, E.L. and Klehr, A. and Knigge, A. and Ostendorf, A. and Hofmann, M.R.

Volume: 56 Pages: 91-93
DOI: 10.1049/el.2019.2385
Published: 2020

In this Letter, the authors present the construction of three-dimensional microstructures by two-photon polymerisation induced by ultrashort pulses of a mode-locked diode laser. The ultrafast light source is based on a diode laser with segmented metallisation to realise a waveguide integrated saturable absorber. It is subsequently amplified and compressed resulting in ultrashort laser pulses of 440 fs length and average output power of 160 mW at a fundamental repetition rate of 383.1 MHz. These pulses are coupled into a customised two-photon polymerisation setup. A series of suspended lines were fabricated between support cuboids for testing the process behaviour. A 3D structure with complex features was polymerised to demonstrate the high potential for mode-locked diode lasers in the field of direct laser writing. © The Institution of Engineering and Technology 2020.

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