Martensitic transformation hysteresis in Ni(Co)-Mn-Sn/MgO metamagnetic shape memory thin films

Alexandrakis, V. and Aseguinolaza, I.R. and Decker, P. and Salomon, S. and Barandiarán, J.M. and Ludwig, Al. and Chernenko, V.A.

Volume: 156 Pages: 101-104
DOI: 10.1016/j.scriptamat.2018.07.015
Published: 2018

Hysteresis of martensitic transformations (MTs) is a crucial factor which affects the efficiency and lifetime of actuators and magnetocaloric devices. In the present work we found a tenfold reduction of the thermal hysteresis of MT caused by increasing the MT temperature in a series of Ni(Co)-Mn-Sn thin films deposited onto MgO (001). We have observed that this evolution is accompanied by a drastic change of the temperature dependence of the lattice parameter in the temperature interval of MT. Such a behaviour can be interpreted using the concept of the critical state, where an anhysteretic behaviour is expected. © 2018

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