Martensite aging in 〈0 0 1〉 oriented Co49Ni21Ga30 single crystals in tension

Lauhoff, C. and Krooß, P. and Langenkämper, D. and Somsen, C. and Eggeler, G. and Kireeva, I. and Chumlyakov, Y.I. and Niendorf, T.

Volume: 11 Pages:
DOI: 10.1142/S1793604718500248
Published: 2018

Co-Ni-Ga high-temperature shape memory alloys (HT-SMAs) are well-known candidate materials for damping applications at elevated temperatures. Recent studies showed that upon heat treatment in stress-induced martensite under compressive loads transformation temperatures can be increased significantly, qualifying Co-Ni-Ga for HT-actuation. The increase in transformation temperatures is related to a change in chemical order recently validated via neutron diffraction experiments. Since SMAs show distinct tension-compression asymmetry in terms of theoretical transformation strains and bearable stresses, understanding the impact of martensite aging in tension is crucial for future applications. The current results indicate that martensite aging in tension provides for a further improvement in functional properties. © 2018 The Author(s).

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