Investigation on Optical Methods for Multi Scale Electromagnetic Simulations

Vogt, S. and Jebramcik, J. and Garten, O. and Barowski, J. and Rolfes, I.

Volume: Pages: 28-31
DOI: 10.23919/GEMIC.2019.8698120
Published: 2019

In this paper a ray tracer based on a shooting and bouncing ray (SBR) technique is presented using an optimization algorithm for precise phase calculation of the channel impulse response, which is mandatory for multi scale simulations. The radiation pattern of the antenna is computed by a full wave simulation in order to calculate the propagating wavefront. The complex open circuit voltage of the antenna is used for modelling the channel impulse response to get the accurate interference phenomena of the received waves. The algorithm is verified by comparison with a commercial full wave simulator. It is also shown that the optimization approach does not only offer high precision, but also enables fast ray tracing, which allows accurate and fast multi scale electromagnetic simulations. © 2019 IMA - Institut fur Mikrowellen- und Antennentechnik e.V.

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