Investigation of single asperity wear at the microscale in an austenitic steel

Xia, W. and Dehm, G. and Brinckmann, S.

Volume: 452-453 Pages:
DOI: 10.1016/j.wear.2020.203289
Published: 2020

Engineering surfaces consist of microasperities, which result in plasticity during the run-in of the tribological system. A fundamental insight of the plastic flow during single asperity wear at the microscale is required to thoroughly understand tribology induced microstructure at the macroscale and to tailor future metal surfaces. In this work, we indent and wear {001}-, {101}- and {111}-grains in an austenite stainless steel. The transition from indentation to ploughing and the evolution of plasticity during ploughing is addressed. We find that slip-step and pile-up evolution during the indentation segment of the wear experiment influence the plasticity during the ploughing segment that follows upon the indentation. We conclude that the pile-up evolution dominates the development of the friction force during ploughing at the microscale. © 2020 The Authors

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