Interplay of cation ordering and thermoelastic properties of spinel structure MgGa2O4

Hirschle, C. and Schreuer, J. and Galazka, Z.

Volume: 124 Pages:
DOI: 10.1063/1.5037786
Published: 2018

The coefficient of thermal expansion and elastic stiffnesses of spinel structure MgGa2O4 were determined from 103 K to 1673 K using dilatometry and resonant ultrasound spectroscopy. The state of cation order was investigated on specimens quenched from temperatures up to 1473 K via single-crystal X-ray diffraction. Even at room-temperature, the material is stiffer than what was expected from DFT simulations at 0 K, however, the stiffness falls within the predicted range based on the stiffness of the constituent oxides of MgGa2O4. The anisotropy of its longitudinal elastic stiffness is low, whereas there is a high anisotropy of the shear resistance compared to other cubic materials. At about 820 K-860 K, the temperature dependences of both thermal expansion and elastic properties change rapidly. Cation reordering also starts in this temperature range; the state of order is static at lower temperatures. Thus, MgGa2O4 undergoes a glass-like transition when heated above 820 K-860 K, where the state of cation order starts relaxing towards equilibrium in laboratory timescales. Landau-theory for nonconvergent cation ordering can describe the observed cation order at elevated temperatures well. © 2018 Author(s).

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