Influence of composition and crystal structure on the fracture toughness of NbCo2 Laves phase studied by micro-cantilever bending tests

Luo, W. and Kirchlechner, C. and Fang, X. and Brinckmann, S. and Dehm, G. and Stein, F.

Volume: 145 Pages: 116-121
DOI: 10.1016/j.matdes.2018.02.045
Published: 2018

Cubic and hexagonal NbCo2 Laves phases are known to have composition dependent hardness and yield strength. However, it is unknown whether this dependence is also reflected in their fracture toughness values. In order to elucidate the fracture behavior, single-crystalline micro-cantilevers of the cubic and hexagonal NbCo2 Laves phases having different compositions were fabricated in the diffusion layers grown by the diffusion couple technique. Micro-cantilever bending tests were performed to study the composition- and crystal-structure-dependence of the fracture toughness. To exclude the influence of micro-cantilever geometry, pentagonal and rectangular beams were tested and found to result in the same fracture toughness value. The present results reveal that neither a change of the crystal structure nor a change in chemical composition has a significant influence on the fracture toughness of NbCo2 Laves phase. © 2018 Elsevier Ltd

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