Hydroxyapatite nanowires rich in [Ca-O-P] sites for ethanol direct coupling showing high C6-12 alcohol yield

Wang, Q.-N. and Zhou, B.-C. and Weng, X.-F. and Lv, S.-P. and Schüth, F. and Lu, A.-H.

Volume: 55 Pages: 10420-10423
DOI: 10.1039/c9cc05454e
Published: 2019

Herein, we have shown that the [Ca-O-P] sites exposed on hydroxyapatite are clearly responsible for C-C formation in ethanol direct-coupling, and their high density accelerates the C-C coupling rate and boosts C6-12 alcohol production. Notably, nanowire-like hydroxyapatite exhibited 30.4% selectivity to n-butanol and 63.9% selectivity to C6-12OH at a conversion of 45.7% at 325 °C, and thereby close to 30% yield of C6-12OH, which is greatly higher than that using the state-of-the-art catalysts (6%). © 2019 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

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