High-resolution 3D light fluence mapping for heterogeneous scattering media by localized sampling

Cherkashin, M.N. and Brenner, C. and Hofmann, M.R.

Volume: 57 Pages: 10441-10448
DOI: 10.1364/AO.57.010441
Published: 2018

We demonstrate an innovative concept for three-dimensional optical fluence mapping in heterogeneous highly scattering media as, e.g., biomedical tissues. We propose to use the relative light extinction analysis principle together with a miniaturized collection fiber in a direct fluence measurement setup as a method to obtain the spatially resolved light intensity distribution under transversally inhomogeneous light propagation conditions and provide local characterization of the transport medium. System performance is validated in two extreme conditions: an optically thin scattering medium and an absorption-dominated light transport. Both extremes demonstrate good agreement to theoretical expectations. Finally, we successfully prove the ability of the system to deliver high-resolution fluence maps through a model study of the light distribution induced in a scattering medium by a vertical diode laser stack with individual bars pitched only 500 μm apart. © 2018 Optical Society of America.

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