High temperature creep resistance of a thermally stable nanocrystalline Fe-5 at.% Zr steel

Shan, G.B. and Chen, Y.Z. and Li, Y.J. and Zhang, C.Y. and Dong, H. and Cong, Y.B. and Zhang, W.X. and Huang, L.K. and Suo, T. and Liu, F.

Volume: 179 Pages: 1-5
DOI: 10.1016/j.scriptamat.2019.12.036
Published: 2020

The application of nanocrystalline (NC) materials at high temperatures is challenging due to their poor thermal stability or low creep resistance. Here we report that a thermally stable NC Fe-5 at.% Zr steel produced by High-Pressure-Thermal-Compression sintering exhibits an excellent creep resistance (with a creep rate of 3.92 × 10−8 s−1 at 923 K and under the applied stress of 250 MPa). The excellent creep resistance is ascribed to its highly stable NC structure stabilized by nano-sized precipitates. Mechanical testing suggests that the creep of the NC Fe-5 at.% Zr steel is controlled by dislocation activities rather than diffusion dominated mechanisms. © 2019

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