Fully convolutional neural network for detection and counting of diatoms on coatings after short-term field exposure

Krause, L.M.K. and Koc, J. and Rosenhahn, B. and Rosenhahn, A.

Volume: 54 Pages: 10022-10030
DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.0c01982
Published: 2020

While the use of deep learning is a valuable technology for automatic detection systems for medical data and images, the biofouling community is still lacking an analytical tool for the detection and counting of diatoms on samples after short-term field exposure. In this work, a fully convolutional neural network was implemented as a fast and simple approach to detect diatoms on two-channel (fluorescence and phase-contrast) microscopy images by predicting bounding boxes. The developed approach performs well with only a small number of trainable parameters and a F1 score of 0.82. Counting diatoms was evaluated on a data set of 600 microscopy images of three different surface chemistries (hydrophilic and hydrophobic) and is very similar to counting by humans while demanding only a fraction of the analysis time. Copyright © 2020 American Chemical Society.

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