Energy conversion at nanointerfaces: General discussion

Alzahrani, H. and Bentley, C. and Bohn, P.W. and Chikere, C. and Commandeur, D. and Crooks, R.M. and Ehi-Eromosele, C. and Ewing, A. and Galeyeva, A. and Hersbach, T. and Hillman, R. and Kanoufi, F. and Koper, M. and Kranz, C. and Löffler, T. and Long, Y. and Macpherson, J. and McKelvey, K. and Minteer, S. and Mirkin, M. and Nichols, R. and Nogala, W. and Öhl, D. and Pelta, J. and Ren, H. and Rudd, J. and Schuhmann, W. and Tian, Z. and Unwin, P. and Vezzoli, A. and Willets, K. and Wu, Y. and Yang, Z. and Zhan, D. and Zhao, C.

Volume: 210 Pages: 333-351
DOI: 10.1039/c8fd90025f
Published: 2018


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