Dynamic field testing of coating chemistry candidates by a rotating disk system

Nolte, K.A. and Koc, J. and Barros, J.M. and Hunsucker, K. and Schultz, M.P. and Swain, G.W. and Rosenhahn, A.

Volume: 34 Pages: 398-409
DOI: 10.1080/08927014.2018.1459578
Published: 2018

Quick and reliable testing is crucial for the development of new fouling release (FR) coatings. Exposure of these coatings to natural multispecies communities is essential in evaluating their efficacy. To this end, we present a rotating disk setup for dynamic field exposure. To achieve a well-defined flow on the surface of the disk, an easy to use sample mounting system was developed that provides a smooth and even surface. We related the angular velocity of the disk to the wall shear stress on the surface with a hydrodynamic model. The wall shear stress was adjusted to values previously found to be suitable to discriminate dynamic diatom attachment on different coating chemistries in the lab. The effect of the dynamic conditions was shown by comparing polystyrene slides under static and dynamic exposure. Using a set of self-assembled monolayers, the discrimination potential of the assay in a multispecies environment was demonstrated. © 2018 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group.

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