Calibration of Atom Probe Tomography Reconstructions Through Correlation with Electron Micrographs

Mouton, I. and Katnagallu, S. and Makineni, S.K. and Cojocaru-Mirédin, O. and Schwarz, T. and Stephenson, L.T. and Raabe, D. and Gault, B.

Volume: 25 Pages: 301-308
DOI: 10.1017/S1431927618016161
Published: 2019

Although atom probe tomography (APT) reconstructions do not directly influence the local elemental analysis, any structural inferences from APT volumes demand a reliable reconstruction of the point cloud. Accurate estimation of the reconstruction parameters is crucial to obtain reliable spatial scaling. In the current work, a new automated approach of calibrating atom probe reconstructions is developed using only one correlative projection electron microscopy (EM) image. We employed an algorithm that implements a 2D cross-correlation of microstructural features observed in both the APT reconstructions and the corresponding EM image. We apply this protocol to calibrate reconstructions in a Cu(In,Ga)Se2-based semiconductor and in a Co-based superalloy. This work enables us to couple chemical precision to structural information with relative ease. Copyright © Microscopy Society of America 2019.

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