Atomic-scale investigation of fast oxidation kinetics of nanocrystalline CrMnFeCoNi thin films

Li, Y.J. and Kostka, A. and Savan, A. and Ludwig, Al.

Volume: 766 Pages: 1080-1085
DOI: 10.1016/j.jallcom.2018.07.048
Published: 2018

Atom probe tomography was combined with transmission electron microscopy to characterize in atomic detail the structure of nanocrystalline high entropy alloy CrMnFeCoNi thin films before and after exposure to air at 500 °C for 5 min. Mn and Cr oxide scales were observed on the surface of the sample. These results on the nanoscale for short experimental time agree with literature reports on bulk counterparts after oxidation at 900 °C for 100 h, which means that the oxidation performance of complex materials can be tested in an accelerated way. Moreover, oxidation-related sub-surface depletion of Mn and Cr together with partial decomposition of the initial Cantor phase yield a FeCo-B2 sub-surface phase. In comparison to coarse-grained bulk material, the faster oxidation of the nanocrystalline material was attributed to an enhanced outwards diffusion of Cr and Mn along grain boundaries and within the newly formed B2 phase. © 2018 Elsevier B.V.

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