Accelerated atomic-scale exploration of phase evolution in compositionally complex materials

Li, Y.J. and Savan, A. and Kostka, A. and Stein, H.S. and Ludwig, Al.

Volume: 5 Pages: 86-92
DOI: 10.1039/c7mh00486a
Published: 2018

Combining nanoscale-tip arrays with combinatorial thin film deposition and processing as well as direct atomic-scale characterization (APT and TEM) enables accelerated exploration of the temperature- and environment-dependent phase evolution in multinary materials systems. Results from nanocrystalline CrMnFeCoNi show that this alloy is unstable and already decomposes after 1 h at low temperatures of around 300 °C. The combinatorial processing platform approach is extendible to explore oxidation and corrosion in complex structural and functional materials on the atomic scale. © 2018 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

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